2010 Project
  Project Title : School Girl Apocalypse
Director : John CAIRNS
Producer : Yukie KITO,Daniel ISAACSEN
Writer : John CAIRNS
Production Company : Lantis Media
Format : Narrative | 35mm | Color | 90 min
Genre : Japanese/English
Director Profile
Born in New Orleans, John CAIRNS has lived and worked as a writer, director and producer for commercial and independent film and video productions in America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He holds a degree in the Master of Fine Arts in film production at Syracuse University, and also studied film theory in the Paris Center for Critical Studies, Sorbonne. CAIRNS currently resides in Tokyo, Japan where he has lived for 15 years. He is partnered with Lantis Media, a television commercial media production company.

A Japanese schoolgirl, Sakura, finds her average life in a small town turned inside out when all the males begin to attack and kill females. With few skills and only her kyudo bow and an English textbook to accompany her she sets out on a journey through a dark world of murder and survival.  The trauma of witnessing the inexplicable mass murder of friends and then her own family begins to drive her toward madness.  As her world devolves, she loses her grip on what is reality and what is fantasy. Through the madness comes something even more frightening, something not of this world.  The weak women are quickly destroyed and those that survive are damaged. Sakura must make a choice if she is to survive at all and it is even doubtful that she can survive even if she chooses.  With her sanity in question she wanders about narrowly escaping her own death until she finds a woman who is equipped and mentally ready to kill. But this woman is also dangerous and instead of support only offers Sakura violence and more punishment.   As Sakura begins to find the way through the madness and toward survival she is confronted by the question of why this is all happening, who or what is doing this? In this place of fear and dread Sakura must decide whether to survive and find the answers or give up and die.